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N.E. Unsolved

New England Unsolved Missing Persons and Homicides

On these pages you will find unsolved missing persons and unsolved homicide cases from throughout the six New England states.

Use the “N.E. Unsolved” link located on the blue main menu bar, above, to navigate the categories. (Or you may use the Search box located at the top-right to search for a specific person.)

The following criteria should be used in determining whether or not to submit any additional profiles to this database:

  1. In order for missing persons to be listed on this site, they should not be considered parental abductions or runaways. Their disappearance should truly be unexplained.
  2. Homicides listed on this site are generally those cases which remain unsolved after no less than six months’ time.
  3. Missing person and homicide cases should have occurred within the six states that make up New England.

New England's Unsolved Missing Persons and Homicides

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