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Springfield Preliminary Election – 2013

Springfield’s 2013 preliminary election took place this past Tuesday with only one bump in the road for an incumbent city councilor:  Ward 1 City Councilor Zaida Luna came in second place at 360 votes, according to the city’s election results. Her challenger for this year, Jose Claudio, finished in first place with 406 votes. These two will face each other now on the November 5th ballot.

In Ward 5, things went a bit more as expected as incumbent City Councilor Clodo Concepcion breezed into first place with a mere 246 votes. His second-place challenger, Michael Belanger, received 85 votes and won the right to challenge Concepcion in the November election. The third-place challenger here, Kyle Burns, ran a somewhat fiery campaign that included charges of ethics violations on the part of Concepcion. But his message went largely unheard (or uncared about) as he topped out at 46 votes, knocking him out of the race.

The total voter turnout for the Springfield preliminary election was 5.13 percent.


Massachusetts Governor – 2014

The race for governor of Massachusetts got into high gear this September as two of the best known candidates kicked off their campaigns for the 2014 election.

Charlie Baker, who lost his bid to unseat incumbent Governor Deval Patrick back in 2010, is once again running on the Republican ticket. He’s reportedly the only Republican running for governor thus far.

On the Democrat side, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley has thrown her hat into the ring. She visited Springfield earlier this week, where she received the ringing endorsement City Council President Jimmy Ferrera. (Does it get any better than that?) No word on the whereabouts of Mayor Sarno at the time, but former state rep. Raymond Jordan reportedly made sure he was on hand to glad-hand the gubernatorial candidate. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing for Coakley.

Back when Baker was running against Patrick in 2010, one of the more unsettling, if not in some ways amusing, controversies to come up was when somebody at City Hall decided it would be a great idea to hang a “Democratic Party Unity Rally” banner across the columns of the City Hall building. Someone forgot to tell that somebody that even though Democrats have had a stranglehold on public office for a while, now, they don’t actually own the buildings they work in.

Democrat Unity Rally

The Intruder took the opportunity to turn the tables a bit in the digital realm by offering this alternative view of City Hall:

Charlie Baker Victory Rally
When last we saw Coakley running for office, she felt so confident of victory against that hick Republican from Wrentham she just didn’t see the point in partaking in all the handshaking and media tour nonsense that all the other candidates were obsessed with. This time around, though, she has vowed to do things differently.

Other Democrat candidates in the 2014 race for governor include Mass. state Treasurer Steve Grossman, former Obama administration official Don Berwick, former homeland security official Juliette Kayyem, and former Wellesley selectman Joseph Avellone. State Senator Dan Wolf is also in the mix, although he has reportedly suspended his campaign while a conflict of interest issue is settled.

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