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Lively Under Suit in Federal Court

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Scott LivelyUgandan activists are hoping to win out on a lawsuit they filed against the local anti-gay Pastor Scott Lively in Springfield this past March.

Republican reporter Jack Flynn writes this week that federal Judge Michael Posnor is reviewing the merits of the case in determining whether Lively can in fact be held legally accountable for a speech he made in Uganda back in 2009, which they say helped stoke anti-gay violence in that country.

While sentiment in the progressive community runs high against Lively’s anti-gay position – a stance that is shared, by the way, by many in the Christian religious community – it is unlikely the lawsuit will be successful, regardless of Posnor’s decision on whether or not to dismiss it.

“I’m frankly struggling to see what behavior beyond expressive behavior” Lively committed that violated federal law, Posner was quoted as saying in Flynn’s story.

That’s true.

For all his much-vilified faults, it has yet to be shown that Lively has broken any laws in the United States, and International Law is moot when it comes to First Amendment Constitutional rights, so citing any such violation there is irrelevant to the case.

This lawsuit, regardless of its highly-charged emotional underpinnings, is political in nature and seeks to punish an individual for his religious beliefs. And it is going to fail.

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One Response to Lively Under Suit in Federal Court

  1. Their position really demeans the intelligence of the average Ugandan. Does Lively speak in such mesmerizing words that Ugandans are overcome by his power, and driven into criminal rages? Methinks they want to ‘whack his peepee’, so to speak. Make him think twice about such future outreach. And misuse the courts to do the whacking.

    January 8, 2013 at 10:38 pm