Local News Briefs & Tidbits – 11.4.2012

Well, thank God it’s finally almost over.

There should be a law in this country regarding campaigning: Candidates should only be allowed to campaign in the six months prior to the election. This “election season” actually spanned the past couple of years.

And so on the 6th we’ll all have the answers to our unyielding questions. Personally, this fall I’m hoping for a trifecta:

  • Scott Brown wins the U.S. Senate race over that evil, lying witch who’s running against him. You know, that self-anointed Cherokee woman who also claims to be the first woman ever to breast feed while going to law school and who taught the (pretty much now defunct) “Occupy Wall Street” movement everything they know, all while representing the interests of the little people while consulting for some of the biggest corporations in America and raking in over a quarter million $$$ a year. (In case you forgot, here’s a reminder of the Cherokee woman’s forked tongue.)
    Brown is the most capable candidate, and he has repeatedly shown he is a bipartisan legislator who will represent the broadest cross-section of Massachusetts constituents. If Warren wins, she will serve the interests of the Far Left and the Far Left only.
  • Mitt Romney defeats incumbent President Barack Obama. The President has been far from the Messiah that all his loyal progressive followers dreamed he would be. I give him kudos for giving the go-ahead on the SEALS raid that killed that bastard Osama Bin Laden, but beyond that, he’s pretty much just ridden the wave of adoration both Hollywood and MSNBC have been bestowing upon him. Romney is smarter than Obama – that’s just the way it is. America needs a leader with the economic and business smarts to make the tough decisions that will help dig us out of this hole we’re in. That’s Mitt Romney, not Obama.
  • Mike Franco turns out to be the real Comeback Kid and defeats that shadow from Springfield’s murky past, Mike Albano. How in the hell a guy who damn-near destroyed the City of Springfield can actually have a great shot at getting back into elected office again is stupefying.

Oh yeah – and I do have one more wish: that the New York Jets lose out for the rest of the NFL season and fail to make the playoffs – again!

I’m hoping for at least two out of the three, with preferably a Brown win being is one of those.

MGM Resorts - High angle view, South End of SpringfieldSOUTH END PROPERTIES FOR SALE
The City of Springfield has announced that two large properties in the South End are now up for bid. Both properties – the former Zanetti School and the former South End Community Center (aka: the former Armory) – were damaged in last year’s tornado that ripped through the city.

The two buildings also are in the property-scope of MGM Resorts planned South End Casino resort development project. Strangely, in announcing the bids the city’s Chief Development Officer, Kevin Kennedy, talked as if they had no idea who would be interested in buying the properties.

“We think there is a good amount of positive momentum in Springfield and expect there will be strong interest in these properties,” he was quoted as saying in a press release announcing the new bids.

MGM Resorts may not swoop in and submit a bid itself, but rather get a proxy bidder such as local developer Paul Picknelly to take the dive for them. They can always just lease the property then, and then later on when they decide to bail, they can just walk.

We shall see.

Well, my science fiction stuff is finally online and now available at www.stellarconflict.net. I couldn’t get a .com domain name because some video game already has it. (It looks like they’re just holing it for the time being.)

It’s taken a lot of my time to get all this material together – some from nearly 18 years ago – and to get it all online. I still have a lot of transcribing to do. I also plan on writing new stories going forward (the reason I’m putting all this online). A listing of past, present, and future stories or outlines is located here.

When you visit, you’ll notice there are no short or full-length stories on the site itself. That’s not the site’s purpose. For the most part, the website will be holding background information on the series of stories I’ve written and plan on writing in the future. I will, however, be posting excerpts of stories as I go along (I call them “Short Round Bursts”). So feel free to visit every so often for those updates. Additionally, the main character has her own “diary” at the site (best read bottom-to-top, as the entries are chronological), and I also thought it would be different to give her a Twitter account – @ABretchvelle. Stellar Conflict itself also has a Twitter feed, @StelConOnline.

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